Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pink Sky at Morning

Sailors take warning. It’s gonna rain again, for the next four days. O boy.

Luckily the last three days of our weather were perfect  for my visitor Roseangela, who returned to Chicago yesterday. We had a wonderful time and it was way too short. One of the things I like best about having guests is the cooking. I get to make food we both love and it was a three day feast. And a great excuse for desserts!

imageThe garden was ready to show off, and we relaxed by the pond and watched frogs float, which is more fun than it sounds. Dave built a bonfire which had embers that lasted overnight, so Rose and I stoked it for a second day of fire.

We took a short tour of Chattanooga right after Rose landed to ease the transition from Big City to tiny country town. There was a whole lot of non-stop chatting, laughing and noshing. And Dave was very entertaining with his excitement over getting back into baseball. He has joined a Men’s Senior team in Atlanta, and while this is a three hour drive from home, he gets to carpool with another guy from Chattanooga. Still after his first game he got home at 2 am. No injuries so far… oy!

 image image

Rose and I went sightseeing/shopping to Signal Mountain where the scenery is spectacular and the homes are likewise and we got to visit the little birdbath gardens again.

image image

and a place where we will return in the new old truck for free mulch. Woo woo!

It was a great but short visit and now life returns to normal…laundry.


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