Friday, April 17, 2009

On your mark, get set, DIG!


I just checked the ten day forecast and no freezing temps are predicted, so LET’S GO! I have veggie seeds to start and 50 Liriope Muscari, 24 Stella D’Oro Daylilies, and 32 English Ivy ready to plant. Dave is  halfway done getting our 21 variegated Euonymus into the ground along the driveway, our latest attempt at thwarting the voles.



The pink dogwood in the shade garden has opened to reveal ten ‘blossoms’. Just ten, but that’s better than the last two years when we didn’t even know it was a dogwood. The drought of the past prevented even a few of the pink blooms from forming. After this wet Spring we surely don’t have that problem.

Yesterday I had a wonderful time at the Dead Plants Society. We met at ten for two hours and started drawing at 11:30, so you can see how serious we were about the drawing part. My hostess Lynne Vogel brought in some lilacs from her yard and while I was busy talking and listening I quickly fleshed out a reasonable facsimile using water soluble crayons and water-paint pens.

IMG_7460-2IMG_7461 OK I know this is bad..but it was fun to do anyway.

By noon we were leaving for lunch, which was across the road at the cute Blue Chair Cafe, a veddy ahrty little restaurant where I was treated to a nice Cobb Salad. Wonderful.

IMG_7458I met lots of friendly, interesting women and felt so very welcomed. The founding member of this group,one of three Mary's, arrived slightly late because she was at an antique shop picking up a new old accordion and we enticed a short performance from her. Delightful!

I feel pretty darn lucky to have connected with so many fun people this year, at quilting, knitting and now Dead Plants. I think living in the country is just as much fun as the big city.


  1. Glad you are having such fun! I'm jealous of Lynn's Lilacs! My bush is full of unopened buds, and only once in the 5 years since I planted it did the buds grow into sprays like that! Sigh...

  2. Dont' be so hard on yourself, coming from a person who cannot draw stick figures, your drawing is beautiful!!!!! I wish I had a morsel of that talent!

  3. I love those lilacs. By the way, download PhotoScapes for free and you can actually create those photos side by side in one layout very, very easily! You know me... I love free! It's a great program for photo editing. I think it beats Picassa by a long shot!

  4. Your property is so beautiful! You are lucky to live where you do.

  5. I also love living in the country! We have always been "city folk" because of work but when we retired we settled here in PA and chose a small rural town of about 15,000 and have never regretted it. If we need to go to the big city we're only 35 miles away. It's so much friendlier and "cozier" living in a smaller place.

  6. There are no lilacs in my part of Southern Ca - something I really miss about spring...but the jasmine & orange blossoms make up for the lack of lilac! And, BTW, love your lilac drawing - very impressionistic!

  7. Your lilac painting is lovely and your garden and yard just gorgeous. We won't plant here in Salt Lake County for at least another three weeks. You seem to infuse everything - your home, yard, art and "play groups" with light, color and a sense of humor. Love your blog. Hugs, Cathy

  8. I love, love, love your lilac drawing. I even loved the picture of the real thing. I was born in Oregon but now live in AL and lilacs don't grow down here. I miss that sweet scent.

  9. Love your blog and all that you do. Your 'estate' is beautiful....but, please don't plant the ivy! Over time, it will choke out all the beautiful ferns and other plants already there.


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