Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tuesday, and I have jury duty
This will be interesting...I hope. I have been summoned to jury duty before in IL and was not accepted for the jury because I said that $250,000 was enough for an auto accident settlement. I was thinking that it was enough to buy a house, but the lawyers wanted like a million, so I was no good to them.
The murder mystery fan in me is hoping for something a little bit more juicy.
I have to tell you that yesterday I went house lookin' with my IL friend who lives in Huntsville AL, Colleen. We had so much fun and almost decided on one house, but will continue to look. Since I am a teeny bit familiar with the area here, and she wants to live near Chattanooga, but in the mountains, we are thinking of a few other nice spots. I went back online and did a search for her price range and found a variety of interesting places and in the weeks to come we will go see them. I'd be showing you pictures of what we saw but I left my camera in her car and it went home with her. I am an idiot.
It is already feeling like summer here. Must dig out the shorts and sandals. woowoo!


  1. Hi Mrs Mel: did you watch the new mystery show on ABC last night, "Castle"? It was excellent. Good luck with the jury duty -- hope it's a juicy case for you:)

  2. If that's Colleen Kay, tell her DebL sez "hey".

  3. I love the mountains down that way. Softer than out near Seattle but no less beautiful. I was raised in Illinois and lived in NC for awhile. That drive down through Kentucky and Tennessee was always a pleasure.
    Do hope you get an interesting case. I never did have to do jury duty but my sis was in a helluva trial. She had a blast she said!

  4. OMG. I have been called at least 8-10 times for jury duty. It seems like I am always in the first panel and then get dismissed because I know someone in the room, or it was a case my DH had worked on, as he works in the justice system. I did have to serve on a civil case one time. I was appalled at how much money the jury wanted to give the plaintiff. Hell NO! They didn't like me very much, but I feel like our society has gotten way too litigious. Hope you have a good experience!


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