Monday, February 02, 2009

At Last the Drapes are Done

I admit I was afraid to tackle these puppies. Maybe because they are silk taffeta and are lonnnnnggggger than usual. 96" vs. 84". And because I was trying the new to me grommet idea which I saw on HGTV.

I wasn't going for perfect, but I came closer than I expected. There is suddenly 'drama' in this room. The luxe aspect of the fabric (let the fabric do the work) is evident. However, because the weight of the fabric and lining is still very light, I will be adding drapery chain in the hem. When the ceiling fans are going or when the furnace kicks on they flutter. I don't want flutter.

The camera makes them glossier than they look normally when one isn't living in a camera flash mode.

I ordered the grommets ( needed 48) from here. And they arrived very quickly. The website said no special tool was required, but it turns out that my mini rotary cutter is a great tool to use to cut out the holes. They come with that super great template which positions them just the right space from the top edge. I divided each panel into twelve sections about 4.25" wide and drew the circles on the lining with a silver quilter's pencil. We quilters have the best supplies for anything sewing related, don't we? The trick was to pin the interior of the circle before I cut, so I didn't slip and miscut the reverse side, the silk.

I got the silk from Exotic Silks and then later found another site with better prices. Grrr. But on the other hand I trust Exotic since I have dealt with them for years, and know the quality of their products. I am not disappointed in the results.


I have added a new link in the sidebar under Helpful Stuff. It's a slideshow of all the hand dyed fabric images from this blog. I am hoping to do a dye workshop here locally in the Spring. Just something to consider.


  1. I think you may have forced my hand to finish the half-done living room drapes that are sitting in my studio. Thanks for including the link to the grommets, I wanted black, and they have them!

  2. Mel,

    Your drapes are drop dead gorgeous!! They look fabulous and really add a grand elegance to your room.

    One thing you might want to keep in mind if you make silk drapes in the future is underlining. I worked in a home dec store in St. Louis for 6 months (Artistic Fabrics) and they sold a special underlining fabric for silk drapes that was kind of like a flannel material. It gave the silk a nice weight. It goes between the silk and the lining. Also, you can buy the grommets at Hobby Lobby. I just bought some for a purse I'm making.

    Kristin in SC

  3. Oooh, la, la! It looks wonderful in there! Makes your window view even more beautiful!

  4. YAY! They look absolutely FABULOUS! I am now considering using orange in my kitchen! What's it like to live with? You like?

  5. Beautiful! You are an inspiration! can trust Get on their mailing list and get lots of great daily deals. I've bought from them several times and they're FAST!

  6. So dramatic! Love them!

  7. Rhonda M10:40 AM

    Beautiful. What a cool addition to the room.

  8. Plunging into colour. What a splendor!

  9. Absolutely fantastic Melody.
    Yes, silk has it's challenges.
    I made Dupioni silk pillows for my leather couch and loveseat and they just slip down and lay flat if you breathe in the room!

  10. Liz in IN2:24 PM

    "Taffeta, darling..."
    "Taffeta, sweetheart..."

    Wow. GORGEOUS! Yum.

  11. I just love them!!

  12. Anonymous9:49 AM

    The curtains are lovely but silk and sunshine doesn't go well together. I guess you could always re-dye....unless it disentegrates before you get around to it.

  13. Fear not, Anon, these windows face north, are under a big overhang and in the summer are shaded into darkness by all the trees. I don't let my silks curtains cover the windows. They will just hang by the sides.

  14. I have some extra-long drape making in my future for some very tall french doors and I love the large grommets--thanks for the links. I'm also a big fan of (and thai silk, for that matter).

    I love your dupioni drapes, I have far too much sunshine here for silk . . .

  15. OH MY GOODNESS! I love those colours. The brighter the better. Man oh man I wish I could take your tie dye course. I would plaster my house in it. Orange is one of my favourites these days.

  16. What a hoot! I've been making new curtains from IKEA fabric and Dritz grommets. Go see 'em on my blog:

    Too funny!


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