Monday, January 12, 2009

Print Parade #4

Print Parade #4
Commercial and hand dyed cottons, machine pieced, hand and machine quilted, 22" square.
This is the different one of the group of six. I can't remember what order I made these in, or what I was thinking...or not thinking when I made this one off center. It is also the one with the plainest fabrics, making the quilting a possible feature.
I don't mark the quilting design but I DO mark the area that I will quilt within. The space is delineated with a sliver of soap which disappears when spritzed with water and ironed. In this case I scribed a circular path for the stitching.
Golden Globes
I was pleasantly surprised that hairdos at the GG were so much nicer this year. Not that many women had that "I just woke up and couldn't find my brush" look of years past. A few still did. Eva Mendez for one. More gorgeous dresses than in the past too. The red one worn by Eva Longoria was superb. And I loved the white one on Sandra Bullock.
But there was an awful lot of repressed bosoms. Hayden Panettiere poor darling couldn't breathe.
I am sorry. I cannot stand looking at Mickey Rourke. Stay outta show biz please.


  1. I adore the little button flowers. And this is my favorite so far - don't know why - it's just cute and happy!

  2. The button flowers and the quilting on this are wonderful.

    I agree with Mickey... eeewwwww. Also, somebody needs to cover up JLo... that dress was not complimenting her mommy body. Renee Zellweger's dress was a little... ? not sure I wanted to see her bra that much. Loved Drew Barrymore's hair! Cameron Diaz actually looked decent. More pulled together than usual. Loved the color and design of Mary-Louise Parker's blue gown.

  3. I agree with the other commentors, these are something special.

    I agree with you as well about the GG's last night....and Mickey Rourke.
    Seems white was a very popular dress color, but Eva just was outstanding.

  4. I liked Drew's red handbag with her light blue dress. An unexpected color combo!

  5. So with you on the Mickey thing...gggggaaagg.
    Loving this series and I'm so fond of that quilting pattern. It sings.

  6. OK, this is by FAR my FAVORITE!

    and I missed the GG's... I was quilting and forgot to turn on the TV!

  7. Liz in IN11:33 AM

    LOVE the off-centre quiltlet! I see fishies. :)

    I didn't watch the GGs, but went to imdb and looked at a few pix after reading the post and comments.

    I'm so out of the loop, I couldn't recognize 90% of the folks in the pictures. And say what you will about Mickey, at least he looked sorta...real (as in not straight-from-the-production-line perfect & plastic face).

    Out of the loop. Hmm...we likes it here.

  8. I do like this one. I like what you did with the buttons in the middle, creating flowers with them.

  9. Love the button flowers!

    GGs were glamorous this year. Hate the ties with the tuxes on the men, though. I think I will see Mickey Rourke's movie though.. when it's free on my cable channel! I've always admired his work as an actor -- never mind about the personal stuff. The man is talented and I love a comeback in showbiz!

  10. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Cute attackkkkkkk!!!

    but I still like Parade #2 and #3 more. Love #3 for the victorian tea-time 'garden' look.

  11. Fabulous! I am so thrilled to see you using some commercial prints.


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