Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Helpful Stuff Links
While I was trying to do something else, I lost all my sidebar links called Helpful Stuff. I am so mad at myself.
But since this stuff is in the archives, I was able to find many of them again. And luckily some were lost... no loss really. And I added something new, My Free Motion Machine Quilting Design book which is available as a Google Doc. Just click and see.
I know there are lots of spam comments attached to these, which take forever to delete, and then reappear the next day. So do like me, and IGNORE THEM.


  1. Thanks so much! You're awesome.

  2. Ellen in MD3:56 PM

    You must have created a flurry of requests for the free-motion document. :-) It's telling me to try again later.

  3. You're going to knock their coska off at that meeting. Thanks for the link. any link to free music is great in my book.

  4. coska- is a little known word for socks in an obscure albanian dialect....love you!!!

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    You could just close comments on the old posts to avoid anyone having to either read or deal with the spam.

  6. Wow. Good idea to make your quilting design available. Very generous.

  7. Anonymous7:19 PM

    It's telling me the document is unavailable... I guess I'll try again later

  8. I get 'document unavailable... try again later' also. Hmmm...

    Love the new mini quilts!

  9. Send me your email privately and I will attach the file. No problemo.

  10. I also get "try again later" on the google docs. So I shall! And thank you once again for your generosity in sharing!

  11. Thank you for your "Free Motion Machine Quilting Design book"
    I LOVE it!!

    I really appreciate all your free hints and lessons.

  12. I figure if I'm going to break my lurking, I ought to at least post more than once, so THANK YOU! for your design book. It's been a plan of mine for a while to learn how to machine quilt and this doc is fabulous!

    I picked up Harriet Hargraves book and read through it, and prepared some practice sandwiches, but honestly I have been too chicken to try it. That and I'd like a nice gob of time to work at it, like a whole Saturday. This will be my kick in the pants to actually go ahead and do it.
    Thank you!


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