Sunday, January 04, 2009

La Bamba Goes to IKEA

The Day of Destiny has finally arrived. Dave put new tires on La Bamba and we headed off to Atlanta in a pea soup of a fog. It was so foggy that you could slice it and pour on the gravy. (trying to sound like a native).
We made a list because this is a serious three hour drive one way, and if La Bamba does make it, it may be the one and only time. eek.
At the top of our list was lighting and everything we liked was out of stock. Typical of IKEA, but we forgive so easily, since this is the ONLY store that offers the stuff we like, no...LOVE. We may live in a Mexican Chalet, but our taste in furniture is definitely Scandinavian.
Next on my list was this classic pedestal table.
Very 60's and so veddy white. I am nostalgic for this design era. I wished that IKEA would come up with a matching chair, and THEY DID!!!
I was so surprised and thrilled. It SWIVELS, which I convinced Dave means no scooching up to the table on the wood floors, saving them from multiple scratches. We had mucho floor tile scratches at our old house from me scooching.
Then we got nutty in the rug department. This is a Flokati, which means long wooly hairy thing in Greek, I believe. It is so decadent, so 60's bachelor pad, so bare buck nekked sex on the floor, what was I thinking??? I got two. 4'7"x 6'7"

We really lucked out when it came to Dave's bed. $50 off! I am all about the bargains. And stained yellow, soon to be painted red. The idea is that it will have curtains hanging from the rails (red faux suede, recycled from the living room) making daytime sleeping nice and dark, and hiding the forever unmade-ness of his bed.

For my room three Billy bookshelves and this red dresser. The Billy's match all our other bookcases, but take up much less floor space in this narrow size. I may use the chest in the dining room as a buffet, we'll see.
Not pictured is the lining fabric for our silk drapes which I will make soon, now that I finally got the lining. It was on sale, $2.99 for 59" wide red cotton. So. Good day shopping. On the way home there was fog resulting in two car wrecks, and mucho long delays. But La Bamba was a champ and we got home quite safely. A big deer was waiting for us on our hill as we crawled up the drive. Perfect.

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  1. ooooo, next time take me with you! I've never been to an Ikea though I have often drooled over the online catalog... though the best stuff is always available in store only. Grrr

  2. Please tell me that the chest of drawers is orange and that you are keeping it that way? Yippee!

  3. I love a trip to IKEA!

  4. Mel, we must've been on the same wave length. I was at IKEA yesterday and bought myself a new bed! When I lived up in the blue ridge mountains of NC, I made two trips to the IKEA in if that isn't love, I don't know what is.
    The only thing positive to me about moving back to California was that IKEA is only 3 miles from my house.
    I am there at least once a month.
    Paper napkins and candles are always on my list, but I come out with much more.

  5. p.s.
    I noticed that nobody commented about bare-naked sex on the new rug, so I won't either.....hehehe.

  6. It looks like something gnawed at the hole on the bluebird nesting box. What's up with that? Or maybe that's the "before" photo?

  7. Anonymous3:46 PM

    What a haul??? Who loaded all that into La Bamba? blink

    I thought you just cushioned up your chairs so nicely, what's up with that and with new chairs?

  8. Oh, those rugs! My mother in law has a rug like that in her living room ( for the 30 years I've known her!)...and it is so 60s. But beware sitting on it in black pants!
    Can those be dyed? Wouldn't that be fun...but a really big job. You'd have to steam it on the driveway in black plastic bags in the summer, then hose it off...LOL!
    Great haul. You are an interior design genius!


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