Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ramming and Jamming in the Color

The top is done. 53x59" Cottons, pieced, unquilted

Well this was fun. Next is the sandwiching and quilting. I no longer have my big studio table which would help a lot now.

I did not design this before I started. I just made huge blocks from squares and strips and then found ways to align them so they looked semi-cohesive. It is the only way I really wanted to do this. Planning only gets me so far and then I get distracted by a leftover and start putting that with something else. I kept my laptop nearby and my two Nancy Crow books handy, just to help with my confidence.
You just can't go wrong with squares and strips.
Here's my recipe: Cut strips from each color in several widths, like 1.5x45" 1.75 and 2"
Cut wider strips, like 4 or 5" x45" and cut off a few squares from those wider strips.
Surround the squares with strips, making framed squares.
Make strip sets.
Combine strip sets with framed squares.

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  1. WOW! you have such an amazing way with color. thanks for sharing your "recipe", i can't wait to try this. my brain is zooming full speed ahead with inspiration... oops, just when i'm supposed to be working on christmas projects.

  2. Another wonderful piece of Art Melody.
    Don't know if it is convenient for you to go to a library, church basement or school but using their tables is a great way to baste a quilt.
    Of course another option is basting on the floor if you are still young enough to get up from the floor when you are done! I'm not.

  3. Gorgeous! You are the queen of saturated color, Mrs. Mel! Thanks for the recipe! ;0)

  4. Gorgeous!Just Gorgeous! I love this piece.

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    You are so amazing and talented what a wonderful quilt. Thank you for sharing. Liz H

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous. I am so afraid of big color - this makes me want to go buy lots of luscious colors and go for it.

  7. O my word! I'm in heaven, I just stumbled across your blog and feel that I'm in some kind of wonderful sister universe. Love love LOVE!

  8. Love the bright cheerful colors!

  9. I've never made a quilt before, but my sister in law is pregnant and would love to make a keep sake for their first baby - I LOVE this quilt - would this be too difficult for someone who has never quilted before?


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