Monday, December 29, 2008

New Window Monday

We have a great view, but it is always obstructed by the windows we have. These face the road and our shade garden. The birds are part of the entertainment around here, and we want a better look.
So today we are having picture windows installed to replace these double hungs. New windows aren't that expensive and since we will be here for the duration, we might as well have what we want, right? It's all a part of making this OUR house. I have to admit, I am as excited about this as anything we have done.
As a kid I practiced my cheerleading jumps at night in front of our living room windows. They made great mirrors. My dad always scolded me that I would break the floor joists, but I learned to land light as a feather to prevent that. My bad knees are the result. But I must add that my bent towards becoming 'famous' was a side effect.
Dad always said I would be a "Star of stage, screen and picture window."
Thank you EVERYONE for your kind and fun birthday wishes. I had a great day, and the refrigerator is sparkling clean!


  1. Melody, Happy (belated) Birthday! You have the same birthday as my sister-in-law (also a quilter). You look great for 61, Honey!

  2. I hope you had a great birthday! AND did something a lot more fun than cleaning your fridge! The fabrics are yummy--I love kaffe's work!
    It's great that you can make your house "really yours"! Windows can definitely make a difference!

  3. don't 'cha just love a clean fridge?

  4. Hi Melody,

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    You sound wonderful so your life must be wonderful.
    The new windows will make you smile at all the wonders you will see.
    LOVE the fabric. I hear your wheels turning for something new to make.

  5. May these windows show you beautiful and pleasant views forever!


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