Friday, December 05, 2008

Melody's Workshop

This is the dining room in my old house. Very spare black, white and red.
I covered all those chairs with zebra velvet. Appropriate for that house, not so good for the new Mexican Chalet. Plus the velvet had a drag effect when you sat down on it . Shifting positions was um, difficult.
Yesterday I recovered two of them in royal purple satin. Much easier to slip around on the seat. But I was still not happy. The backs of these chairs are not so comfy. I wanted a poufy backing.
It took several days for the right idea to form in my head about the construction. Eventually I found a nearly right idea in an old issue of Mary Englebreit's Home Companion.
A thick layer of batting and a 60" long swath of satin backed with a similar length of purple cotton. Then the fave mother of pearl buttons. Voila!

Here they are (taken with a flash, as it is still dark outside) in their place. That carpet has got to go.


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    FABULOUS! What great style???

    Yes, the carpet definitely has to find a new home.

  2. What an ingenious solution for the chair backs!

    Kristin in SC

  3. Positively regal!

  4. You are knockin' my socks off this week, Melody!

  5. These chair coverings are so clever and cute. Very nice.

  6. the chairs are beautiful. It makes me wish I had chairs like that to recover. but I will find something. Your creativity is such an inspiration.


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