Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The End of Blah


...and After

Dave did a fabulous job and we are thrilled with the color. It feels so beach cottage-y to us. The difference is startling compared to the house we bought in August 2007.
We will eventually get the paint stuff put away and all the furniture back in place. The fireplace guy is supposed to come today and the new windows have arrived at Lowe's finally and we await the installers phone call.
I have been upstairs sewing while Dave painted downstairs.

We have had this bench for about ten years and I was always going to make cushions, but never got around to it, until yesterday. My plan was a watermelon-y linen but then I found this Marimekko yardage in my attic closet and it seemed just perfect. Turquoise and orange! The seat is two inch foam covered with thick batt and the back is two layers of thick batt. It feels like a real chair now.
We have enough seating in the living room for 8. Drop by anytime.


  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Gorgeous, Melody! Love the colors, and painting the woodwork white made a world of difference. Everything is so you!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Applause and cheers for the new dining room! The colour goes beautifully with the wooden floor -- pitchpine? I wish you many tasty meals in good health and harmony!

  3. Wowie! Zowie! No naps in that room! It looks more like Mel and Dave now. I love the bench seat cover. I can't wait to see the shots after it is all cleaned up and decorated.

  4. This looks great! I wonder if the former owners would faint if they saw it? ;-)

  5. Liz in in12:47 PM

    You are my colour hero(ine).

  6. That fabric is perfecto mundo! Love it!!!!

  7. What an amazing transformation. Thanks for sharing your progress & unbridled enthusiasm for color. You are an unlimited source of inspiration,,,thanks!

  8. You're right - that Marimenko fabric is just PURRRRFECT!

    I live in a house with all white walls and sometimes think about injecting more colour but my David detests painting :-(

  9. Anonymous2:13 PM


    What a difference a little color can do. It is making me smile as I look at your rooms. So ALIVE!!!


  10. OK, when can I come over?

    The turquoise and orange go well together and your Marimekko fabric was just the thing for the seat cushions! It looks fabulous.

    Kristin in SC

  11. Anonymous3:25 PM

    FANTASTIC! I am loving these colors and YES, blah had to GOoooo!

    Hey, other ANON who said the colors were going to be too dark and that Ms Mel. was going to be sorry, are you eating those words now?

  12. Rhonda6:33 PM

    Melody, I LOVE that seat cushion. Really like the orange walls. Yes, please .... pictures when it is all put back together. I thought the same as the other reader - what a change from the "before". All good.

  13. Yowwzzza!!! Looks good to me!

  14. I am loving your color scheme, and your quilts. I love the bold, but don't know how to translate that love into my own home or my own quilts. (my living room has ivory furniture, ivory walls and beige carpet.. Yech! It would have been painting long ago except for the high ceilings and my fear of ladders, and the fact that is is open to a two story high entry... )

  15. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Its beautiful. Simply stunning. And....while you were waiting you whipped out a cushion? You are truly awesome, Melody.


  16. Beautiful color. Not too thrilled with the painted wood, though -- I prefer natural wood.


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