Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Periwinkle Pony .

Periwinkle Pony Sold

Hand dyed, dyepainted and commercial cottons, fused, hand and machine quilted.16.5x20.5"

Click on the title for enlargement. Blogger is being nutty again.

I liked the Red Pony so much I decided that a horse of a different color could be a good plan. I found this wonderful piece of blue-y lavender and decided that would be my horse color of the day. Staying with the autumnal theme I decided to use a piece of dyepainted cotton made years and years ago. I works so well here, if you can imagine a lariat rope spinning in circles.

My next door neighbor and neighbor across the road both have two horses, so I am always seeing them as I drive by. This may not be the Wild West, but it could be the Easy East. And now for the big surprise to us at least...


It may only be a dusting but it is our first snow of the year. We were warned of a hard freeze for tonight, but I guess here on the plateau, we have our own weather. Last year we didn't get our first snow until late December, if my memory serves me.
OK it is just barely visible here, but the wind is so strong and it continues to precipitate, and I am facing the inevitable. I have become a snow wimp.


  1. Horses of different colors? Is there a yellow brick road in our future?

  2. how about a painted pony?
    It's snowing upstate today-they closed one highway for a few hours way up north of me.

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Melody, I love this one. Did I see some barb wire along the bottom?

  4. Liz in in1:25 PM

    "There's only one like 'im, and 'e's it!"

    So. Much. FUN! Love these!

    Also love the new banner. Keep inventing and reinventing, Mel. *That's* what it's all about (and not the Hokey Pokey, as was previously thought....) ;)


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