Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Ready

As many of you know, I fuse all my quilt fabrics and then I make quilts solely from that fabric. Recently I have added some commercial fabrics to my hand dyes and since Brooke and I stopped at Hancock's of Paducah on our way home from Missouri, I picked up a few to add to my collection. They all had to be fused. I spent most of Sunday doing this and now I am ready to use them in my new work. It is really great to have a railing to hang them on. How did I work without one in the past?

Yes, there has been a lot of furniture moving going on lately. Since we have been here a year, almost every room in the house has been my bedroom. Just call me Goldilocks. I recently decided that the guest room downstairs was the happiest room, with the most sunny exposure and the finest view of the pond, and it was empty most of the time. Why not make it my room?

So Girly.


  1. Love that bedspread and painting! Looks like the perfect room to curl up and read a book!

  2. So girly & pretty. LOVE that painting above your bed!

    A question about the commercial fabrics, did you wash/de-size them before you ironed on the fusible? If not, will you stitch over their edges? Just thought you'd had a past concern that commercial fabrics don't fuse as well as hand dyes.

    Thanks for all you share here.

  3. Luanne, you are so right that I had concerns in the past about commercial fabric not sticking. I take care to overlap them with hand dyeds and then quilt on the outside edges to keep everything from peeling up. I will be showing exactlt how this looks in future blog entries. Stay tuned.

  4. So Gorgeous! Such a riot of glorious color, so you. ;0) It's good to see you quilting again, much as I love the paintings.

  5. Melody,
    I'm a new convert to the world of art quilting and fusing. When you wrote(months ago)that you were going to paint instead of quilt, it struck me that creativity can be more than one art form for each person.
    But I do have to say that I am happy to see that you will be quilting again.
    I love your blog; it's as personable as I am sure you are.

  6. Liz in IN1:33 PM

    Mexican-hacienda girly!

    Priceless. :)

    Love the big table next to the bed.

    Oh, and let me add my voice to that of others: YAY! Quilts!!

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Quilts or Paintings, I am happy either way.
    Yay to your new bedroom, finally a proper bedroom and not having to sleep at the top of the stairs...which it really was...of course, you know best.

  8. Dear Goldy,
    Welcome back to the land of fusing. It must be a seasonal thing cause I like making fabric art in the fall and winter too.

  9. What a good idea. Have never made a wallhanging. Might have a goo now. Would this method be OK for constructing bags?


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