Monday, October 06, 2008


Well again so much has happened since last we spoke.

Brooke and I returned from Missouri with a ton of stuff, and then started unpacking. In the meantime we went into town for a day while Dave painted and when we returned Dave had spilled the paint for the stairs on the floor underneath...on the box for the cable and internet. No TV and no internet for three days!!

Then the new cable box came today and now my newly fixed laptop won't go online anymore.

I am pulling out my hair... And rearranging closets, garage storage and bedrooms. We moved a queen size bed upstairs, moved my twin down, and moved the other queen into Dave's room. Now I am happy. (Someone shoot me.)

In the meantime we have been having fun around the old estate, with a nice fire and roasted marshmallows.
Dave painted the guest room Pear Green and we put one of Mom's quilts on the bed to try it out for size. It needs binding, which I will do now that I have the right pink cotton.

I had this quilted by Linda Huff of Algonquin IL about three years ago and never got it out of the bag until now.
Nice job eh?
We got a couple more of Mom's quilts from her house and washed and soaked and washed them again to remove the smoke smell and dog stains. This one turned out pretty good.
There are a few holes from dropped cigarette ash. That's how we know Mom made them.


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Oooomggg too funny, the quilting and smoking! The quilts are beautiful and homey. Nice legacies from home, well at least the tangible ones. Didn't mom have a nice old machine to boot?

    Dave seems to be doing a wonderful job around your home.

    Hope you were quilting while the 'puter was down. Eager to see the results. Yes, I know....can't help

  2. A sentimental cigarette burn. How funny.


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