Friday, August 15, 2008

My New Toy!

It's an electric meat grinder. And I am thrilled to have it.

Since we moved here and have only one decent place to buy groceries locally, I have avoided buying any ground meat. When one is used to one's husband being the local butcher, it is hard to trust other people's ground meats, especially corporate ground meat which comes from some other place, far away from the actual butcher.

I thought I could make my own in my food processor, but really it isn't ground and would only do for the occasional recipe, and not that well at that. So we did without, which meant doing without things that we really loved. Beautiful ground beef and ground pork from Dave.

He trims everything so beautifully.

And now I get to grind this meat myself.

Heavenly! Actually I ground it twice and then wrapped it in pounds and froze all but one quarter pound, which I immediately made into a burger which was DEE-LICIOUS.

I did alot of research on this grinder and asked Dave for his opinion and we settled on this one.


  1. Drool. I'll be right over.

  2. do you think Brooke would mind picking me up?

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    And you couldn't have already bought one when I was there, a week ago?

  4. You and Tommy craving beef these days? She blogged about a special type of beef.

  5. Isn't the internet amazing! I've never thought of owning a meat grinder, and we don't even eat a lot of meat (because of medical stuff) - but from half way around the world, this is inspiring me that when we do, it just might be great to have the real thing :-)

    Lucy - whose pears are lining themselves up in her fruitbowl and looking like your pears Melody. I think they're trying to audition for you!


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