Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to School

Back to School
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I have been shopping on Ebay for interesting dishes for my still life paintings. My attention is usually caught by Fiesta ware, for the shapes and colors. But every time I bid on something I lost the bidding. But last weekend was the World's Longest Yard Sale on Hwy. 127 and I got this Tom and Jerry Fiesta mug for only $5.

I arranged the mug on matching fabric but it disappeared so a white plate solved that problem. Adding this fancy pitcher reinforced the red, white and blue color scheme. But the yellow pencil made it sing.


  1. Ah, you just became teacher's pet! I love this. I think the apple is what does it for me. But then, I am a teacher, and bringing an apple to the teacher always wins you points.

  2. Wow that is just a funky pitcher, isn't it? Seems like it would feel very satisfying to pour something from that oversized spout. The apple looks really great. I think I'll go eat one now.

  3. Is that an apple from your trees? It's almost apple season and your painting makes my mouth water.
    Congratulations on the sale yesterday. That's the way to do it.

  4. You know Mrs. Mel I was a little bummed when you weren't doing the quilts anymore, they were my pick-me-up for the day. But, I must say, you have resurrected my smile. Love seeing what you create with your canvases.
    I figured it out, it really wasn't the quilts I missed especially (though they are fan-tas-teek!) but the colours that you produce so well! It's like magic to mine eyes, hee hee.
    Thanks for my daily smile.


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