Saturday, July 26, 2008

Three Plums

Three Plums
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Yesterday while Dave and I were having coffee and I said that after painting all week I find myself looking at objects like these plums and seeing just how I would paint them, breaking down the shadows, the highlights and the edges.
So I grabbed the plums and went upstairs and did just that.
And then I had a difficult time trying to take a picture. The wet paint was so shiny and reflective that it took 40 attempts before I could get even these above. The best one came while the painting's edges were still unfinished. They are now all painted, but of course I have to do that after I photograph the painting itself or I would have nothing to prop it up on without getting paint on everything.
Later that day I was surfing around on Ebay and bid on something and lost the bidding. And I thought how discouraging that must be for people.
So today I am not going to post this painting on Ebay. It is $100 and shipping is $5. Paypal or personal checks are accepted. Just email me and it is yours. First come, first served.


  1. Wet paint shine aside...and not detracting - this is beautiful! Carol Marine takes her paintings outside in the light filled shade, away from direct sunlight and photographs her art. It works for her. I have never tried it myself. I usually sit mine in indirect light in the studio, and turn off the flash. I know what you mean about Ebay bidding and being outbid on something you wanted.

  2. Please do not do this...
    I think I will have a better chance to buy a painting on Ebay. At least I can bid higher if I really want it.
    The "first come, first served" is not fair..
    That's how it was with your small quilt pieces. I was always to late!

    P.S. I just bid on Ebay on one of your painting.

  3. Ursula,
    I agree that West Coasters never got the first bite with my quilts, and I tried to fix that by posting later in the day. Funny that when I got back into painting almost all the paintings went to Californians.
    I guess there is no fair way that is good for everyone.

  4. What did you try and get on Ebay, Mel?

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM


    Your paintings are simply incredible. Real beyond real. I will never know how you do it and I find myself wanting to comment every day. It feels as if you're a little disappointed in the reactions you're getting. I remember seeing a painting of yours a long time with all those "Mel" colors and that Melody style...the chair, do you remember? It just made my heart sing..just like Sunflowers when I first saw it. When I saw "Splurge" the other day, I thought "oh we go", bidding finger ready, and then you didn't offer it for sale!! I absolutely love, love, love your paintings and I totally get how thrilled you are with the new way that you're "seeing". I'm sure you'll find your audience so long as you post them on your blog and more and more people discover you as a realist painter...but for those of us who have known you so long for your quilts, I think we're just waiting for you to bust out those colors again and sling some paint!!

  6. Dear Anon,
    you wrote:
    It feels as if you're a little disappointed in the reactions you're getting.

    Not the case at all! Love the fact that I can paint as freely as I am and have not given up on the more abstract work. However, shipping a larger work like Splurge is major bucks, as I discovered in the past when I did do more abstract acrylic paintings. I would hate to have someone bid on a larger work and then see the shipping costs around $75.
    I will have to explain why I am painting realistically in tomorrow's blog.

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Well..I think I worded my comment yesterday badly. I didn't mean that you were disappointed in the comments. Obviously, we're all just blown away by your ability. I guess what I meant to say was that those of us who read your blog every day found you because of your outrageous, free-spirited quilts..and all that amazing color. I totally admit to being part of that (God...dare I admit it?) blissfully adoring crowd. I'm marvelling (marveling?) at your skill, and waiting somewhat impatiently for you to make something abstract and mind-bending (and in an affordable size!) for me to bid on!

    The prices that some of the other painters that you reference are incredible, but I have a feeling that we "old-timers" could own a Mel original that looks like the Mel's work that we all know and love...who knows how high the price could go? Especially if you sign them...are you signing these things?? I'm amazed too at how you don't even MENTION who you are in your Ebay listing! Your list of accolades should be up there so everybody knows who's creating these little masterpieces!!

    Paint on woman...watching you grow (and let go) is bliss.

  8. Dear Anon,
    I have oodles of abstract things on my other blog, in the 2006 archives at
    which are signed and priced to sell.


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