Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just for Fun!

Photos with my paintings inserted.

Red Bowl with Fruit

Red Bowl with Fruit

oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 12x12x1"


I was searching the blog archives for something a minute ago and realize that I used to write a lot more each day. Things are different now and I don't write as much as I used to.


Maybe because I don't feel like I am in show business anymore. Not teaching and traveling and just staying home in the studio seems too tame to write about. And since I don't have a clue how to teach painting I am not offering tips or instruction or demos. Not knitting or baking either.

I have calmed down too. And the big excitement of the day may be so teeny as to forget it when I sit down to write.

Our big deal yesterday was the rainstorm. Lots of thunder and gobs and gobs of refreshing rain. We have been miserable watching the pond shrink daily and wishing that we would get the rains that the Midwest was enduring. A big crane flew into the pond, Dave said, and I waited for a while to see if the 5 goldfish were still swimming there. It took half the day before they all assembled on the water's surface. I was jubilant when I saw them. Dopey I know but when you can count your fish you get attached to their survival.

The sun returned and it reignited the heat and soon we were closing up the house to keep it cool. In just minutes the rain returned even stronger than before and since I had just cooked lunch we ate it on the porch with the rain surrounding us.

Black beans, chicken breast in mole sauce, Mexican rice, chopped tomatoes and onions. Some diet.

I got back to painting at about three o'clock while Dave took a nap. My start was feeble but I was able to wipe off the bad parts and repaint them. This is a big discovery for me in painting. In olden days it would never have occured to me to wipe off a bad section. I would have abandoned the painting. But thanks to my reading other painter's blogs I know this is doable. And what a difference it has made in my confidence.

And because none of my friends are daily painters I have not been discussing or critiquing anyone else's art. No competition amongst pals. What a good thing this is. And how different from being in the quilting world with my girlfriends. Still it would be nice to have someone look at my stuff and have something to say, good or bad. I make Dave climb the stairs every night for the big reveal, but really he always likes everything. That's not a complaint.

The garden is either lush or dying depending on the amount of sun and water it gets. I will post pictures, as soon as everything dries off.

We got rid of the stinking, noisy, mean roosters and are down to one chicken, Little Red. She is so much happier now and we allow her free reign around the yard. Look out bugs, she is a sharp pecker.

Today I am going to town and getting a haircut, at last, and will do some grocery shopping. Dave and I are going to start eating smarter, and that means more of the fruit and veggies that I am painting will be eaten before they go bad, up in the studio.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Why didn't you place the plums in the bowl instead?

  2. Mel, you shouldn't worry too much about not writing as much. It's an old saying, I know, but one picture is worth a thousnd words.

  3. Love the photos Melody! My favourite is the orange jug picture on the gallery wall. Am enjoying seeing your paintings and growth in confidence.


  4. I love Red Bowl With Fruit. I love the shine on the fruits, and also the intricacy of color on the apple in the bowl.

    Kristin in SC

    P.S. Your lunch sounds healthy and relatively low fat (and good) to me!

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM


    Joann gets the comment 'Emmy'!!
    Loved it!
    I just wanted to check in and own up to visiting every morning but
    rarely commenting so your not the only one 'not writing'!!!
    The commission was outstanding!
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Missy from the bayou
    ps-we really need the rain I'm jealous....

  6. Mel,

    Have you thought about adding the leaves on some of your beautiful veggie paintings? Some of their leaves are so gorgeous.


  7. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Dear Mel,
    As a long time reader, and infrequent commenter... I came to think of you as my "innernet friend", so as friends do.... I accept and love everything you are doing now and am happy that YOU are happy. Plus all your work now is still the best inspiration around! So, have fun it's your life.

  8. I enjoyed looking at photos of your quilts when you were still concentrating on that art style. And I am now enjoying the paintings. Both are so full of color and joy that they make me happy. It's obvious that you're having a grand time -- very upbeat!

  9. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I love your work - no matter where you're at!
    OK - I have to ask; what happened to the roosters? Chicken stew?

  10. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Very clever with the painting insertions!!
    My one rooster is mean to my 7 girls too. I guess in the perfect hen to rooster ratio its more like 20 hens to one rooster. I feel sorry for your one lone girl.. she must have gone through some tough stuff with those odds.When we ordered chicks we wanted 8 hens only...oh well he is a beautiful bird and I do enjoy his doodle doo. Glad your little red is finding peace and bugs these days!

  11. Anonymous5:03 PM

    There are virtues to be found in a quiet life with not much to write about. I have a 14 year old daughter, and 2 boys aged 4 and 2. Trust me, I wish my days were quiet!
    Love your work, whatever you do, Melanie. You are a true artist to me, you think in terms of art whatever you see. That is a great thing.
    Rain in NC

  12. just got back from the heartland spa just south of Chicago... I bought her little cookbook. There are some delicious recipes in there. I will have to send you a couple.


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