Monday, July 21, 2008

Pears with Pitcher

Pears with Pitcher
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
One of the goodies that Frieda and I found at TJMAXX last week was this darling little peach colored pitcher. Frieda loves orange and lime green together. Or in this case Pear green. I wonder why no one ever names a color Pear green? I guess because they are always changing color. These really reflected the color of the cloth they sat upon.


  1. Oh but Maine Cottage DOES have the color "pear." Check out the second row, second from the end:
    Of course you may want to drool over the other colors too.

    Thanks for starting out my days with so much inspiration.

    Marion Huyck

  2. WOWMELODY! THIS one actually made my heart skip a beat! So Fresh and fun! Love; Anne

  3. I will now start saying pear green. You are always an inspiration.


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