Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Last Day of Spring Planting

The transplanted Daylilies seem to be doing well now, and are coming into bloom all at once.

I moved these wild daylilies from the orchard to our shade garden, the sunnier end, and they look as though it is just sunny enough for them. It reminded me of doing a similar thing in our very first house. A sloping part of the yard was their home then too.

Of the five hydrangeas that I planted, this is the only one blooming. It is supposed to be red or purple. Looks like another pink one to me... I am not complaining. It's great that it is blooming at all.
I planted the 8 liriope, 10 zinnias, 21 hostas, and the two packets of green bean seeds, and am finished with the Spring planting. The cabbages had to come out of the front garden, and of the bunch I harvested two small unwormy heads. They were fun while they lasted but once the white butterflies showed up I knew it was all over. In about two days they were Swiss Cheese.

Dave has finished the first coat of primer on the porch, and it is looking so nice. I shot this picture from my resting spot by the pond. Remembering that I wanted to show you our goldfish, I shot about 30 useless shots and this is the best one.

Only three of our surviving five. But the Gang of Five has been growing larger everyday, from 2.5 to a good 4 inches in length. They can usually be found swimming together, but not in this shot. We have named them, and it is our custom to take a break from the day's activities to monitor their progress and to count them. And the frogs too.

The other day a Green Heron came for breakfast and was quite a good tadpole hunter. I no longer worry that we will have too many frogs.

I was worn out from all that digging and weeding and planting and had to make a choice. Paint or shower and nap. I took the latter.


  1. Rebecca in SoCal12:22 PM

    Fabulous porch!

    [small voice]if you don't have to paint it[/small voice]

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I can well see why you bought that place and it certainly has the look/touch of the Johnson's. Your previous house had that same look. Neat,tidy like a postcard picture. Appears like you are high and dry too, no rain in your basement. I bet! Do goldfish multiply quickly? Or do critters come and eat them alive, before they have any fun? UUEEE

  3. Have you seen Monday the turtle this week? I am just curious? Imagine Peace, Mary Helen

  4. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Uh, Mrs. Mel? Heron's favorite food is FISH not just tadpoles. Could be why you're down to three...

  5. Those are simply beautiful flowers. I love them!

  6. We still have 5 goldfish, and the turtle has gone back home.


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