Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Hero Again!

Even before I finished blogging Dave was already under the sink with directions in hand scouting out the plumbing.
Of course Popeye was at his side, handing him the next tool.
In minutes (OK, 65 minutes) it was installed, altho the hot was where the cold was so he redid it . No biggie. No leaking. No problems!
Sprays great.

Now onto Lowe's for my long awaited landscape timbers. Sigh. Can this day get any better?


  1. Wow! What a man you have! And may I say, Mr. Dave, that I think this new home suits you. You look Maaavalous, relaxed, and healthy! Woot!

    Making your kitchen work for you is very important and when it isn't right, it really can get in the way of creativity!

  2. Liz in IN7:29 AM

    Dave rocks!

    I would love a new sink and faucet set, but DH has far too many alternate hobbies to fall back on, when the weather is not conducive to gardening. It'll be winter again before any indoor projects get tackled chez us.

    I could most likely do the faucet (tho not in an hour!), but I'd really like the new smaller sink to go into new countertops (the domino affect).

    Speaking of which, why don't you like your Formica countertops? I confess, I have been admiring them.... Pls advise.

  3. Liz in IN,
    I don't like my countertops because you can't tell the difference from when they are sparkling clean or full of crumbs, drips and dried blobs of food. I wanna be able to see CLEAN.
    I am trying to get over this.
    In my old house I had all white counters and when they were all clean it was put on the sunglasses time.

  4. What a man! Dave looks fabulous.
    I see you have the dreaded, awful, shallow, useless, double-sink of woe. I have the same and have been begging for a re-vamp for ages.

  5. Liz in IN8:44 AM

    Thanks for the explanation. Pour moi, this camouflage element would be, like, a plus. ;)

    LOVE Dee's description of the sink. Hah!

  6. Your formica counters look like the ultra ultra trendy granite countertops, both of which leave me underwhelmed. You are so right. They never look clean. In fact they look like something very unclean for those of us with vivid imaginations!

    I am glad to know that your Illinois house sold. We are still in that two-house limbo, trying to sell our old house on Illinois Street for our move to the new/old house in the country. Parellel lives. Your move inspires me. We don't have a pond, but we have a creek and I am dreaming of chickens and less stress.


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