Monday, May 12, 2008

The Front Porch

When we looked at this house online, the owners had this arrangement on the front porch. Pretty wonderful, no? Of course they took everything but the picture frame and the dried eucalyptus away with them. They could have taken those too, but they left them for us. Hmmm.
When we moved in, the porch became a scene of clutter: garden stuff, boots, tools, umbrellas, a cooler, garbage bags waiting for the trip to the dump etc. This is not like us, but it was just one more thing that needed adjusting.
I have been serving meals outside on the porch, both east and west sides for months and really wanted a table, and couldn't find one that was small enough. Then we spent most of Sunday watching design shows on TV and one gave me an idea. We already had a table which we never used, in Dave's room. The sides fold down making it small enough to work on the porch. Yes!
I found an appropriate painting to hang, plugged in a mini lamp for atmosphere and added a small cd player for romance.
This is one of many of my paintings looking for a place to live that is not the garage...

Three Roses,
acrylic, collage,stamping, inks 24x36" 2006

Of course it is now too cold to have coffee out there this morning, but that won't last. Just so you know, it never gets wet on this side of the house, she said, and then it rained like mad...still nothing here got wet, so I am satisfied that this will last.


  1. See, you needed to buy that house to give that painting a home.

    It is ALL so wonderful!


  2. Add a few potted plants, maybe a hanging fern and call it done. ah to wrap your hands a around a steaming cup of coffee one morning soon is a heavenly thought. you can keep your snake to yourself from now on however. Still loving the adventure that is yours and Dave's.

  3. Ah, that looks nice. Very inviting.

  4. I see you (and your plants) grow, and thrive, and prosper. More and more each day.

    Good for you.

    Good for you & Dave.

    Relax, have fun, enjoy life.

    It doesn't have to be a race.


  5. I want to live with you. Would you adopt me?

  6. Priscilla,
    I am having the lawyers draw up the papers today.

  7. Mom!

    darling daughter


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