Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bee-utiful Day
I was worried last week that there seemed to be a dearth of bees in the orchard and wondered how my fruit trees would get fertilized. I had this conversation with Dave.
M: I'm worried that we have no bees.
D: Well, did you put up a Welcome Bees sign?
M: Do you think that would work?
D: O yeah. Bees love to see their name in print.
M: Hmm.
D: And when you say Bee, they all turn around and look.

It worked!
So busy doing Bee business.

Thanks to the former owners we are enjoying over 24 magenta tulips. These are in our shade garden across the pond. I planted a bunch more hosta and heuchera there yesterday. It will soon be full to the brim. Just the way I like it.
For those of you who can't yet work outside, perhaps you would enjoy this helpful video from Christopher Walken on indoor gardening.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

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  2. thanks for a hilarious start to my day. I'm off to the store for some googlie eyes.

  3. The tulips are beautiful!! I miss tulips, they don't grow in FL....

  4. Loved the Bee conversation-very sweet. Thanks for the plant video- that had us all in stitches! Very funny.

  5. What a scream! My indoor jungle is much like Christopher Walken's....except my fern needs re-potting.

  6. Thanks for the link - I'm very tempted to buy some googlie eyes for my boss who's a cacti expert. On the eve of graduation of Kew's Diploma students is 'pranks night'. My favourite (apart from 'bench-henge' when they constructed a relica of Stonehenge using most of the benches in the Gardens ) was when they attached tissue paper flowers to all the cacti in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. It looked beautiful for an hour before the public arrived. The Loch Ness monster in the lily house was also a hit.


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