Monday, March 31, 2008

Rain Delay

We can't play in the yard because it is too wet. We are out of videos to watch. I finished the laundry. What is there to do?

Take a field trip!

I found a nearby (42 miles) pond store online, and judging by the website it looked fabulous, so we piled ourselves into the car and headed off. When we got there, it was of course still raining, but we had umbrellas, and needless to say, we were the only customers. Not to worry, the place wasn't ready for prime time yet, so we just snooped around a bit at the disarray and kept our comments soto voce.

Dont' look now Dave, but I think there are some peacocks behind you!

The peacock flew up to the ceiling pipes and scowled at us.

I have never seen a white peacock, didn't know they made them.

They sell lovely plants, if unpriced at the moment, and lots of interesting displays of ponds, waterfalls, and bamboo. Included is a fish store with koi, albino frogs, goldfish and turtles (not for sale).

I love this ornamental flowering something. I will have to go back on a sunny dry day and give the place a second chance.


  1. Is that white peacock sporting a bit of denim? And what is the deal with albino frogs? Are they special? Please don't get a peacock... they are noisy and would probably wake up the chickens. A swan might be nice, but I don't think your pond is big enough.

  2. Pam from Jax12:33 PM

    If they ever made whispering peacocks, I would get them. Once you hear the current model screech, you go right off them. Same with guinea fowl, but at least those are good at letting you know when strangers arrive. And you can eat them. The pond store looks lovely, from the preview visit anyway.

  3. I've seen white peacocks before, but not white frogs. I have kept peafowl - lovely to look at, but nasty natures.

  4. Lynne in Hawaii1:26 AM

    Wow! Thanks for the pictures. We haven't ever seen a white peacock before so loved that picture. How come so many albino frogs? Shouldn't they be few and far between?


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