Monday, September 25, 2006

I musta been wearing this sign...

A series of fortunate events has befallen me.

First, Juanita Yeager blogged about taking a toe-up sock class and learning how to make sox with two circular needles, which meant to her that her collection of dps became redundant. She was planning to toss them out! I stepped in and casually remarked, "I'll take them!"

She sent them in this nifty blue case, which I had first seen in my workshop in Janesville just last week (used to hold a rotary cutter) and decided it was a must have accessory. Now I have one!
Juanita loathes packing peanuts so to make the box full she packed it with these!!!

Four skeins of fabu sock yarn! What an amazing treat! Can I write without exclamation points?
For her largesse, I am returning the box or a reasonable facsimile with an appropriate amount of hand dyed fabric goodies. Just you wait Juanita. Good deeds like this will not go unrewarded.
And then, my husband who has been miffed at me for a misdeed that I did two years ago decided to forgive me and to prove his grace, he suggested I take a spin in his prize possession.

I have never ever asked to have this honor, but his magnanimity knows no bounds. Or his good sense. I had a blast. It drives like a rocket ship, fairly lifting one off the ground in spurts of acceleration. Very heady experience. We arrived home safely and I followed Rule Number One and Number Two.
1# Don't scratch the car. #2 See rule number one.
But wait that's not all...Diane our lovely blog mistress posted her blocks for this lovely quilt.
I caught the fever!
A bed quilt that would actually be fun for me to make. But I have not one speck of quilt fabric, so I assumed I would start this baby with hand dyes, resulting in a totally different look, which could be good...or not...But Diane, in her seductive way suggested that we swap--her printed scraps for my fused scraps. O happy day! More goodies in the mail. I am actually going to piece a functional quilt. First one in years and years.
But wait that's not all...I got an email asking about this quilt from my website.

Orbs and Crosses #1
The enquirer wanted to know if it was possible to purchase this piece on approval. Since I take Visa and Mastercard, I agreed to send this to her in exchange for her credit card number. I sent her the quilt and yesterday received confirmation that she is keeping it!
O Happy Day!