Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where's my book?

Every now and then ( daily!!) I am asked “Do you have a book” or “When are coming out with a book?”
I reply that I have a free blog. A FREE BLOG.
An online BOOK you can read for free and download anything you like.
It is as up to date as it can possibly be, is totally under my control, and did I mention?
It is FREE!
If I am leaving something out then, just ask and I will fill it in. I think I tell you everything. I spew daily practically.
I have explained how to fuse, how I make patterns, how I dye, how to do the Escape Hatch Finish, how I knit, and how I paint and of course how I party. You don’t get menus and Mexican recipes in a quilt book, do you?
What would I put in a book that I haven’t tried to blog?
So you want a book you can hold in your hand? OK here’s all you have to do…go to Blogbinders and make your own book from my blog. You can edit out the inanities and end up with four good pages of stuff.
I tell you, when it comes to my artwork, the pictures tell the tale. And if you want specifics, you merely have to ask. You needn’t ask politely or apologetically. Merely a nudge and I will blather on and on. But then, you know that already.