Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why I like Wonder-Under Best

Why Wonder-Under?
1. it is the widest product of its kind
2. it is the most readily available at fabric stores or Wal-Mart
3. it is the least expensive
4. it works even if it peels off the paper
5. the paper is the best for assembling fused fabrics
6. it rarely bleeds through the surface of most cottons

Why not use Heat n Bond?
1. it is not the same kind of fusible and is thick and waxy
2. stitching shows with each needle hole and sometime this may bring up the bobbin thread
3. the waxiness shows through on the fabric surface
4. it is stiff, even the lite version

Why not use Steam a Seam?
1. it is sticky and leaves glue residue wherever it is moved
2. it is narrower than Wonder-under, which is nearly 18” wide
3. it is much more expensive
4. it gums up the needle when it is quilted.
5. storage is a problem for scraps, as they stick to everything including lint.