Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shopping Frenzy!!

A Platter, Salad and Dinner Plates from Target

Salad Plates

I have been patiently waiting almost all year for these plates to go on sale. They are made of stoneware=chips just waiting to happen. So I really didn't want to invest in them at full price. I guessed that after the 4th of July they would be marked down, so I went out at night (ostensibly going to the library) and searched for them at the two nearest Targets. I was happy to see them at a 30% discount, so I grabbed what matched or nearly matched and triumphantly wheeled my cart out to the checkout.

The next day I knew I would be near another Target so we stopped and wouldn't you know it, all of the dishes in that store were 75% off!! SO. I grabbed those, thinking I would return my first purchase, if I could still find my receipt.

More plates and lotsa bowls, at least 15

When I got home Dave said, why not keep them all? If they are going to chip eventually, we will just toss and replace from the archives. God Knows we have plenty of shelf space.
The tray is perfect for cheese shreds, black olives, tomatoes and green onions, and the footed platter...GUACAMOLE, ole! The tablecloth was also discounted and just so me, claro que si.
I got one pitcher for $6.48 and the second for $2.48. I told Dave one was for Margaritas and the other for water. He said, How about two for Margaritas? Good thinking!

Fill 'er up!

But wait that's not all! I got the postcard from my lys and the sidewalk sale started today...another great 75% off sale. woowoo! I called in the troops and Anne Lullie and Emily Parson and I rallied forth to do major damage. Inside the store everything is 20% off, which meant judicious planning. I knew books were my aim, but a few hanks of ridiculously reduced yarns would find their way into my bag.
So? At $3.50 a skein, I can find something to do with these.

Emily borrowed my sewing machine and this is my thank you gift. We laffed because in the past we would give fabric wrapped with a string of yarn, and now it is yarn wrapped with a string of fabric. We knitter/quilt artists...

You simply must look up this book from Twisted Sisters.

Miters, ridges and diagonals, I could just weep with happiness. 20% off.

50% off

OK I give up. I am joining the knitnuts at Mason-Dixon Knitting and trying out this fading denim yarn. (Not from Rowan, but True Blue from Elle.) I know my hands will turn blue, but the thought of a sweater that fades into a different color blue with each consecutive washing, well, it inspires.

Poor Darling Dave has a toothache. It has a hairline crack, they think, and he awaits a root canal tomorrow. The dentist treated him earlier this week for a temporary crown, but it seems to have failed and now they'll have to rip the nerve right outta that tooth. He is on major drugs and they are not helping. It's sad when I feel so good and he feels so bad.


  1. Oh, a girl after my own heart with those dishes. I am coveting the Target Isaac Mizrahi ones with the big flowers. Dishes.... fabric.... yarn.....

  2. Have you considered rubbing him gently with the denim yarn, so that he can look as blue as he feels?

    Shopping frenzy - lucky girl. Looks like you took in a gorgeous haul, and will be kept joyful for a long time with all the yummy yarn, and have Fibermania bright dinners to boot! Now I'm thinking guacamole, too.

  3. You simply must plan a fabu dinner where each place setting is different...tre chic. Hope Dave is feeling better.

  4. Thanks for the lovely feast of color! How many of us will be having guacamole and chips tonight, lol? I wish our yarn stores had savings like that. I need a new sock pattern, any suggestions?

  5. Oh, the dishes are wonderful. Lucky you - two sales - and a husband who suggests tossing the chipped ones and replacing from the archives!

    The yarns were a wonderful deal,too. Shopping Frenzy, indeed!

  6. Poor Dave. I've had two root canals and the only thing I can say about them is...I DID feel better after (several days after). But, he can't enjoy those Margaritas until he gets the tooth fixed (you're a man after my own heart, Dave...who needs water?).

    Love the dishes. I'm waiting for the new house before buying new dishes (I'm still using what is left of the 2 set we received for wedding gifts 22 years ago). I am going for the Fiesta at least 4 colors! Mixing it up is so much fun!!

    You could wear gloves with that fading yarn...but then you wouldn't get to feel the yarn. Well, you'll like (but not smell like) a woad worker.....


  7. Oh, Melody--I had to laugh. I was at Target TODAY, fondling those very dishes and wishing I could buy them...but I have too many different sets of dishes at it is, with no room for more. I"m glad to know that they're home with you...and if I ever make it to Cary, Illinois I'll expect a good mexican meal on them!

  8. Your dishes are yummy!!

  9. Sometimes your posts are a blogging frenzy - today ie!! I love those dishes. Must go to Target today!! After I get my red head refreshed and cut!


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