Saturday, June 11, 2005

June Blooms

* Sold

June Blooms 11x14"

Embroidery detail

Embroidery and binding detail
Of all the little quilts that I posted last week, this one was the one most requested. So I decided to make a more substantial one, and here it is. $100. I didn't have enough of the lavender fabric to back the entire quilt, so I just used it for the fused binding.
I had fun doing the embroidery, while watching four hours of L&O SVU last night. It's a comfort to me to watch reruns, and to be awake for the final 10 minutes, which heretofore I had missed due to falling asleep.
Fused binding you ask? Cut a strip of fused fabric 3/4" wide by however much you need for the perimeter. Finger press it in half lengthwise, and encased the edge of the quilt. I miter the corners, but really, you can't expect me to decribe this part, since it is so fiddly. I use an iron on a stick to fuse it all in place on the front first, and then flip it over and fuse the back side.
Then I chose a decorative stitch on my machine and finished it off with that.


  1. Darn, I missed it again! Just luscious!

  2. What type of camera do you use? Your pics are always crystal clear and gorgeous.

  3. I especially love all those little flowers dancing at the feet of the blooms!


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