Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dot Com Collar

Lest you think I have been slaving away in the studio for the last four days...Nope! The perfect day was spent under the shade tree in our backyard ( the Johnson Riviera) discussing retirement and moving to Mexico. It is all still a fantasy, but we are working on it little by little. We talked with our financial planner on Tuesday night and figured out what information we need to get in order to determine how much money we will need to live on when Dave retires/gets disability.
To set the mood, I sent him out for Margarita ingredients and he came back with Tanqueray and tonic. Even better. I am sure we got no where in our discussion but a lovely time was had by all.
Unable to just sit and talk (and sip) I had to have a knitting project in hand. I had a few oddballs of Noro Kureyon that didn't get used in the Ponchito, so I began to knit a necessary item in my wardrobe. I get a stiff neck from sitting at the desktop computer in the lower level, as it is cold and drafty, even in the summer time. I need a small knitted garment to cover my shoulders and neck, and figured, hey, I could make something.

In Progress 10am

I always knit modularly, diamond patches being my favorite. I made a sketch and charted out the pattern and began at breakfast. Our menu: Cheese Omelet with crispy bacon, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. We ate on the deck and ignored the fact that we have mountains of laundry to do.

Finished 3pm, after nap

By the time we had our second gin and it in the afternoon, I had made the thingy. OK so the two skeins of Noro don't match. So?

They covered the necessary area, and I have at least half a skein left.

I plan on a closure of some sort, perhaps a ribbon or a length of I-cord.

Not an easy picture to shoot.

There is something vaguely familiar in this collar, something Conehead-like...anyway, I am calling it a Dot Com Collar, and may write a pattern, if anyone nutty enough to want to make one, requests it.


  1. I like it. I just spent over a week making my Clapotis for pretty much the same reason (stiff neck from draft in computer room), but it is just so large and bulky that I use it as a shawl for shoulders, not to protect my neck. Your Dot Com Collar is much more practical - quicker to knit up, well shaped, and limited to just where the wearer needs protection. Almost a Dot Com Condom! Did I say that? Oops, sorry.

    If you do put a pattern together, you may want to send it to Knitty.Com - they put out a great free web-based pattern book with articles, and feature new and fun designers. Me thinks you qualify! Oh, and I'd like a pattern too. :)

  2. I laughed and laughed about the conehead comment.

    Why aren't you smiling? Always smile when taking a picture.

    I think that I would attach feathers to my collar or perhaps coiled xmas ribbon. You know how I love that.

  3. Is modular knitting fun? Love the scarf.

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