Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back From NQA

Bodacious Bloomers Sample

I am already back home from NQA in Columbus OH. I finished teaching at 4pm, packed my car and decided to drive for a few hours and find a motel half way home, and finish the trip on Sunday morning. But, I was making such great time and had the car stereo blasting and soon I was past Indianapolis, past Lafayette and into Illinois. At 10pm I discovered the construction that began yesterday in that one horrible part of I-294 between Indiana and Illinois that would have been bumper to bumper for several hours, if I had been driving during the daytime. So I am very glad to have avoided all that mess. I got home at 11pm, but for me it was really midnight, since I had adjusted to Eastern time.
I am not getting dressed today until I absolutely must.

My classes were fantastic, with many returning students/friends and lots of new ones. They were so enthusiastic, NO WHINERS, and we had a great time. Here are some samples of their work. I would have taken more pictures, but I was too busy knitting.
They did all this artwork without any help from me. Really.

Dots are good.

Only the first project in the PowerStrip Sets class...

One almost finished work, with borders being auditioned...

The finished work and the proud artist, Mary Kaple!

Of course she was a graduate student, having taken my other class, the day before.

My roommate and new dear friend, Priscilla Bianchi from Guatemala. We had such a wonderful rapport and laughed and talked way passed my bedtime every night. She is tremendously energetic (way younger than me, only 50!) and we spoke half English and half Spanish, as the nights grew later. I spewed my entire life story, or maybe only the short version, and she told me everything about herself too. We are now blood sisters forever.

Her success in the quilt world was instant and unbelievably huge, but you must visit her website, which tells the tale. I would be jealous of her, if I didn't enjoy her so much!

Speaking of friends who I envy, I also got to share an evening with my pal Carol Taylor, who was doing a week with Michael James at QSDS. We went out to dinner and I got to see lots of other friends, while I visited her there. I talked with Tracy Stitzlein and she asked me to return for a teaching stint in the near future, so stayed tuned for more info on what and when.

I have a couple of weeks at home now before I go to Sisters OR for that fun week, with Frieda Anderson. I have plans for quilts and dyeing, and sewing some new clothes. Notice that skirt I am wearing above? Yes, more skirts are in my future. Who knew?

Skirts and sweaters. How girly!


  1. Tooo cute in that skirt! What great students you have!

  2. What a great outfit! You look fabulous.

    Nice artwork too. Looks like your students had a blast. Jen

  3. I love that skirt! I noticed it even before you mentioned it. :-)

    And the student work is wonderful. I especially like the third pic down, but they are all fabooooo.

  4. Welcome home!! I have met Priscilla and she is a charmer!! I remember seeing her work at the La Conner Quilt Museum 4 years ago and thinking Wow, who is this prolific quilter using the non-traditional fabrics!

  5. Yep, the skirt was the first thing I noticed! Cute cute cute!

  6. What a good time you and your students had!

    I love Priscilla Bianchi's pieces and her use of Guatemalan fabrics. They are beautiful.

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