Monday, May 23, 2005

The Perfect Spring Day

We decided to have another bicycle rollerblade adventure and went two towns south of us to the bike path. We parked in Carpentersville and traveled south for about three miles.

The bike path is reclaimed land from a defunct railroad and has some very lovely wooded areas in which we saw many wildflowers, such as red trillium, Solomon's Seal, Jack in the Pulpit, Mallow, Hardy Geraniums and even a few Columbines. I should have had camera control to record those, but I was too intent on burning off the large lunch we had before we left.

The path runs along the Fox River and we found a nice rest spot in this brand new gazebo in the East Dundee leg of the path. The river was calm and just a fisherman or two were casting off the banks.

After adjusting my skates we were ready to get back on the path and head back to the truck.

Since yesterday was my pal Frieda Anderson's birthday, we decided to drop in on her and help her celebrate. We knew she would be on her way to see Star Wars, so it would be a short visit. Laura and Steve Wasilowski drove up as we were all leaving so we wished Frieda a happy day and followed the Wasilowski's to their house for a cookout.

The patio was the perfect site for our dinner of ribeye steaks, a huge multi-veg salad, and grilled sweet onions. Plenty of wine was consumed, and it went right to our heads.

I know how much Laura will enjoy seeing this picture on the blog...

Stuffed and satisfied, we await dessert. I hope I remembered to say Thank You for the lovely dinner and good fellowship, and the perfect ending to a perfect day.


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