Saturday, May 28, 2005

Can I talk without pictures? Nope

T'was another perfect Spring day and a good one to do some outdoor dyeing, even though it was just barely warm enough. The sun was sure to warm up the day by the time I got everything set up. I needed some long panels for a new piece and had six ready to dye, three indoors and three on the deck.

I cut the fabric in half lengthwise making it 6 feet by 22" and placed three layers on the table to soak up the dyes which would be quite watery, since they would be pastel, thus diluted. This took only five or ten minutes and I was so pleased with the look that I thought I would have a coffee break on the deck, and bask a little in the morning sun.

Only minutes later, I returned to see the sky darkening above. O NO!

I felt the big fat raindrops almost immediately and scrambled to drag the table back into the kitchen. Phew! That was close.

On to plan B.

I mentioned being re-inspired to quilt the rest of the Frieda/NancyCrow quilt on my wall, so taking that down meant putting up something in its place. I have tons of rolled up quilts that need an airing every so often so these babies entered the scene.

And what a better time to start pinning up my inspiration wall? I have so many things that have been tucked away just waiting for this moment. Whaddya think Emily and Frieda?
I even have a few of my own drawings up there. I tossed out a bunch of "why am I saving this?" stuff and still have more to pin, but really, this is enough.

I pick up postcards at every art show that has them and buy cool blank cards at IKEA which has stuff from Europe.

Delighted with me new wall, which is what I see when I look up from the sewing table, I returned to the big quilting project.


While I never mark my designs, sometimes I make contained spaces to stitch between, especially when there is a large blank area with no defined design to fill. I use a sliver of soap which disappears with a spritz of water and the hot iron.


The soap lines might still be visible in that black area. I figured I would do the borders and call this more or less done, and bind (arrghh) it and start using it soon. Now that we are using the downstairs (our Summer Home) more, it gets chilly and I need a quilt with no pins in it, more than a completely quilted quilt. I can always go back and quilt everything else. This is my longest continuing project...ever. Not counting knitting.


  1. What sort of flower is that?

    Your dyeing is gorgeous! And I am loving your design wall - I'm trying to work out how to get somwehere viewable but not RIGHT ON TOP of me in my studio!

    MMM, more bright lovely dyed quilts!

  2. I love the quilt! How wonderful to be able to wrap up in it when it gets, it is so vibrant and will look lovely when it is casually tossed over a chair or couch.

    Design walls/boards are fun. I have a half-baked looking bulletin board. It isn't inspirational, though. I'll work on that this summer.

  3. Great quilting on it too! Even heavily (gorgeously) quilted it looks soft and cuddly. You must be using a good quality batting. Are your quilting designs about a quarter inch apart, or a half? Either way, wow! Great work! Sometimes it's nice to just get lost in the quilting process.

  4. In order to answer questions, I have to have an email address. Neither of these readers supplied theirs, so here are their answers.
    To Caitlin: the flower is a Columbine, in its third year in my garden and the first time it has bloomed like this.
    To Logan: The quilting is a quarter inch spacing. I do it in my sleep, with no plan, definitely gettin lost in the movement.

  5. Hoo-Ray! That wall looks great! And I was just going to ask what you were using to mark when you answered my question, soap. Brilliant.

  6. Oh, a columbine - it's so pretty! I thought maybe it was some sort of daffodil (I am NOT a gardener!)

  7. Wish MY Columbine's looked like that. Mine are all red. I was going to plant more but now will wait until the new house is done or I will have a massive transplanting job on my hands.

    The dyeing looks great. I was going to do some yesterday too but my allergies were so bad I couldn't think straight. It looks like today will be a good day for it. At least I have the canopy from the camper (for now) in case it rains.

    Your fabric and quilts are always such an inspiration!!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day.


  8. Thanks for the photos! I could just imagine you pulling that table in when it started to rain. I really like the last photo as I can really see the quilting.

  9. You continually astound and amaze with your fabric dyeing. I love the quilt too!

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