Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where have I been?

It seems like ages since I wrote you anything, but it was only because there was this big holiday that got in the way, and my husband had another vacation week, and then the weather got nice, and then I had promised to do my taxes, and there were questions about keeping on topic…which is what now?

OK. I have not been in the mood to quilt. I have been in the mood to paint. But yesterday I had a phone call from a woman who hadn’t seen my latest work and I mentioned it was all on the blog and not yet on my website. But then I had to tell her that she would have to scroll down to find it because, well, you know why.

You can’t make someone work that hard to find your work. It has to be easy to access, and now that I have had sort of a quilt art-making vacation, I realize that I need to get back in the studio and make SOMETHING.

My friend Carol Taylor emailed me that she has won two awards at Quilter’s Heritage in Lancaster, PA, which helps her meet her award winning expectations for this year. I start to wonder if I will win anything this year? Not a chance if I don’t enter!

I will have this quilt in the show in Paducah, A Triumph of Tulips.

I was contacted by a gal from Olfa and since I assume Olfa will have a booth at the big Chicago show (aka Rosemont) I suggested that she might like to have a few of my quilts hanging in her booth. I never got around to entering the actual show. Duh. So I will let you know if she agrees.

So I am off to the now warmed up studio and will attempt a new work. I will come up for air, but really shouldn’t have much in the way of interruptions. Dave has gone to work, and the girlfriends are in Lancaster, so it is just me and my muse for the rest of the week.
Hey, it’s already Thursday!


  1. Oh Mel....what a wonderful bouquet for me to see this morning (it's threatening rain here). I LOVE tulips. I have multiple tulip pics/aretworks around my home. Wish I could afford this....WOW. You are truly a woman of great vision.....


  2. Gorgeous tulips! Love your work, but it's so nice to know that you're human too, and that things get in the way of your sewing as they do to a neophyte like me.

    I was in your class at PIQF (2004) and seem to have forgotten (very red face) whether I quilt before I make the envelope or after. Sorry to bother you with this, but no one has answered this question in my blog and the top is calling to me...

  3. Your tulips.... BRILLIANT!

    now those fabrics with all the fun texture on them... did you paint that on, or is that more fabric fused on??

  4. Spectacular! Shades of Frank really are itching to paint, deep down. Please tell me how big this is, NO! don't tell me - I see it as 6x8 FEET!


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