Friday, February 04, 2005

Vi and Rosie

Vi and Rosie

13 x 18 1/4"


In keeping with eliminating the need to come up with artful names, I decided to call this ditty Vi and Rosie since they are the fleurs in the pikchah.

I don't much like doing very realistic stuff with quilting since that reminds me too much of my drawing/painting days. That's why I love quilting. A flat image like this, meaning no shadows or perspective, is perfectly acceptable and even soothing in a way. Kinda like Japanese woodcuts or colorforms. Yes, right there in the middle somewhere...

I had a nice visit with my lady dentist and girl (very young) hygenist and now my teeth are glowing with delight, if only til the coffee and tea do their number on them. Can't they make clear coffee like they do clear beer and clear cola? I guess not.

Vi and Rosie

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