Sunday, February 27, 2005

Patchwork Poncho

At last a use for the Guest Bed!

I finished the patchwork poncho just in time to have it go out of style! So once again I am out of it and proud of it. By Spring this might morph into an afghan, which it has a good start on already. And how many afghans have a built in neckline? An added bonus in my book.

Obviously I paid no attention to which skein of Noro Kureyon I dove into as I knit away, and since I designed this pattern myself, there was nothing to follow except the diagram I had sketched, to remind me of how many blocks were in the row, so I wouldn't just continue to knit willy nilly. However one must pay attention to this diagram, which I neglected to do twice, resulting in ripping out two squares.

Half way through I got that awful cold and put it down in favor of the pink diamond patch vest which was a quicky and sated my obsession while under the weather. Going back to the poncho, and suspecting the impending doom of the style, I forgot that I had instituted a slip stitch on the center decrease of each block, and went right back to the typical three stitch decrease. Duh! You will note the difference in the shots below.

Slip stitch decrease (K2 tog S1 K2tog TBL)

Regular three stitch decrease (S1k2tog psso)

Do I care? Not a bit, but of course I must admit it to you, for my one rule is that with you I am totally honest.

You will note in the first picture that two of the opposing corners are half squares and those will become sleeve ends or wristbands. I will then sew the poncho into a sort of bat wing sleeve and knit the wrist bands in the round, in garter stitch, and then I will pray for weather that is appropriate for this weight of passe poncho.

Now what will I knit next??


  1. Perhaps the Manolo if he saw your beautiful poncho he would reconsider the opinion and declare that the poncho, he is always in style if he is lovely colors.

  2. And if the Manolo he still says that the poncho he is out of style, the Carol says that the Melody, she can save the poncho until the next time he is in fashion.

    Should be in about another 30 years, I reckon.

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  4. Dear The Diane and The Carol,
    You guys are obviously of the white bread persuasion, heehee. Nevertheless I love the comments.
    I await the next visit to the resale shoppe where there will soon be a mountain of the poncho passe for my collection.

  5. Hello Melody, That poncho is bewdiful just bewdiful.Wear your poncho with with pride and no regard for fashion, I would (If I had knitted it!).

    You must be a super fast knitter compared to me. I'm still knitting the ugly scarf... she's growing though!

  6. So the you colours Mel! And the use of the hole in the middle has the uses tee hee on the bed tee hee :>

  7. sew a sleeve on it and
    put it up on the wall~ it's

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