Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Painted Chair Collection

Fellow Artful Quilter Blogger Junott expressed an interest in the chair pictured earlier today, so here are some details of the piece in question.

Don't you love the dangling beads? They ring the perimeter of the seat.

Fruit chair

Here is another piece by the same Indiana Artist. I have misplaced her name and I swear I will spend the rest of the day searching through piles of stuff looking for it.

Detail of the fruit and stamped surfaces. I think the fruit may be made from polymer clay but it is really hard to tell. I know the stamps she used are from or Sherrill Kahn.

The best part is the peeled banana on the rungs. Note: I had to dust this first before I shot the picture.

Knowing I looooooove painted wooden objects, Frieda Anderson gave me this painted keepsake box for Christmas (or was it my birthday?) in 2003. It's red and I love it! Pictured next to it are balls made from strips of my hand dyed fabric. This is a long and involved story...

Frieda also gave me the small painted cat for my birthday in 2004 and it matches one I collected in San Diego. I painted the birdhouse which came from stock items at Michael's.

(shot in Mexico at the UPS store)

I found this chair in San Miguel de Allende MX and couldn't resist buying it. I took it to UPS and they wanted to charge me $80 USD to ship it home, so I decided to try to get it on the plane. I had seen lots of extra stuff coming on board on the way down to San Miguel and I had faith that I could get them to let me bring it on. Of course there was a discussion at the airport, en espanol, but I managed to look like I might cry if they wouldn't allow it and I got my way.

Seriously painted with tons of tiny fish. I only paid $37 USD for this delightful piece with all this time consuming work, which is criminal, no?


  1. Melody, the next time you come to Birmingham, Alabama, you need to make time to visit Naked Art Gallery. It specializes in fun, funky, functional art pieces like your chairs, and I know you'd find things you love there.

    I meant to comment on it this morning when I saw your picture of Jet and noticed the desk chair.


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