Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Work #4 This time I mean it.

Pinwheel Shift


I am not a big fan of 'quilt by committee' but there was an overwhelming vote for this orientation of yesterday's top. I never should have shown a work in progress as that usually means that I won't feel as compelled to finish it as I might if it weren't previewed.

But the shots on the blog were so fuzzy and underlit that they looked yucky, and knowing that propelled my interest in finishing this and moving on with the series.

Now I have no more of that background fabric, which was a feature in the previous works and is still a major part of the larger unfinished matchstick piece on my wall. I simply must return to that piece and will have no new works to post until I do finish it.

Because there are so many straight lines and angles I felt that the quilting should also be straight lines, which I must say is more difficult to do in free motion quilting than those gently curving lines. Nevertheless, this is a smaller piece so it didn't tax me too much.

The color on this piece is pumped up a little by my photo program Picasa, since the darks are so dark that they would have read as black otherwise, and obviously that would not be the true color.

Pinwheel Shift January 27, 2005


  1. I really love those sorbet colors. Excellent!

  2. Now that you've gone this far...I would love to see you cut it up again..bind all the pieces...and velcro them to each other in a horizontal format. Arty, no? The contrast is so rich, yummy in fact. Wonderful.


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