Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Man caught wearing funny hat!

5:55 am : Dave risks wearing funny hat on the way to his truck

I knit him this helmet thingy for a Christmas surprise, knowing full well he would never want to wear it. However I did mention that it might come in handy if we had one of those blinding wet snow storms and he had to get out of the truck for something like de-icing the windshield or swerving into a ditch. The stupid helmet could save his life, or at least prevent snow down from getting in the places we least like having snow, the back of the neck.

Today was just such a morning, so he risked getting beat up by school kids and left for work wearing it. He had the truck keys in his mouth in this picture, but that's what happens when he refuses to pose for the camera.
The pattern came from Knitter's Magazine, Fall 2003, and they called it a hood. It is like the hoods worn under helmets by knights in armor. I thought it looked dashing on him, but then he looks good in anything to me.

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  1. This helmut is the best, attractive AND functional. Who could ask for more. Dave is a lucky man. I sewed Townsend a gray fleece helmut this winter and he loved it. He wanted me to make more so he could sell them to his co-workers. I said it was an original, just for him. They would simply have to get wet and freeze.


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