Monday, January 17, 2005

Making a Plan

I am home now from the trip to New Albany IN and won’t leave home for work until March 12th when I teach up in Green Bay WI with the Women Who Run with Scissors art quilt group. Isn’t that a great title? I just know we will have a great time together.

I want to accomplish a lot of new work in the weeks that I have at home. This will not happen by accident or by following the path of least resistance.

Here are the goals I have in mind, not necessarily in this order.
1. Finish the matchstick piece on my wall at the moment and perhaps also the decorative pictorial piece which so excited me before I left, and now is only moderately appealing*.
2. Build a collection of works based on strips
3. Dye up kits ahead of time, along with Special Editions , silks and pima-crackle fabrics for sale and for my own work
4. Write and make samples for the two magazine articles waiting on my desk at the moment.**
5. Find Art Quilt venues and enter contests, which means making quilts fit certain size requirements.

A. Have a schedule and stick to it.

1. Assignment: One finished quilt a week. I have made whole quilts in a day so that isn’t very daunting, but in this case, they must be larger works, suitable for entering in contests.

2. Do the writing stuff when artquilt of the week is finished. Putting the art first is not work avoidance, it is the work. Writing is work avoidance. See: blogging

3. Knit at night, and undo knits that aren’t working.

4. Start at 9am every day, meaning have email done and shower & dress and get down to the studio on time.

5. Stick to diet and stay off wine for the month. This will boost energy and eliminate sluggishness in the mornings after.

6. Work in new colorways.

7. Work with new fabrics. See above.

8. Work in new formats, not just familiar grids, or horizontal over-the couch layouts.

9. Meet with girlfriends weekly for inspiration breaks

10. Make my own work, no matter how enticing the work of others may be. Mine is better because only I can make it.

11.Record progress in the blog, using it as a deadline tool.

* moderately appealing...when I left I was all excited about the piece I am calling the decorative pictorial piece. Having been in an art environment, I came home with a new perspective and find this piece pretty schmaltzy. I am not going to allow it to distract me from my artier goals, so it is being rolled up today and placed in the upstairs closet, where months from now I will discover it and finish it. Maybe.
**waiting on my desk at the moment...I don’t actually have a desk. This is more of a mental desk. It is in the In box of my mind.

Today is finish the laundry day, and grocery shopping day.
While I am at it I could mix dye... the dye studio is soooo cold, but the weather is suppose to improve tomorrow. I wish I were in Mexico.


  1. Glad you're back! Sounds like you had a great time and are very inspired. Here's a good site for info about upcoming show deadlines:

  2. Hi Melody,

    I've also made an alcohol avoidance vow - nothing until April. I'm sticking to it ok, but the the last couple of weekends I've had celebrations so I gave myself a break... No point being too rigid LOL


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