Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's working and so am I

The plan begun yesterday is working out just fine, and I made a strip pieced ( fused of course) quilt today as part of my Amospherics series. I even started the quilting, at this stage merely stitching in the ditch and tomorrow will do the free motion parts.
I chose to work in non-primary colors because I am really interested in the look of some of my more unusual fabrics. There will be pictures when the quilting is finished, and until then, talking about the quilt is soooo boring.
I didn't have my usual wine last night and I am missing it terribly since I listened to a book on cd today which was all about wine and French wine at that! It is Peter Mayle's A Good Year which I started last week and had to abandon when I left to teach.
Last night we watched Garden State and we both loved it. Pretty great movie from that kid who stars in Scrubs, Zach Braff, and Natalie Portman was fabulous. Then we started to watch a second movie and fell asleep by 8:30 in our chairs. OK I admit I am no party animal.

When you quilt all day and talk only to the radio, there isn't much to report. Nevertheless, it's good to have a blog where I can record my progress. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow.


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