Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hobbies and Careers

My career is quilting and my hobby is knitting. The difference is that with knitting I don't care if I use a pattern or design my own project. With knitting I am pretty much unconcerned with competition, other than who has more yarn than I do. My friend Gretl wins, hands down.

With quilting, it is strictly my own work, and I wouldn't use someone else's design. However, I steal knowledge wherever and whenever it happens to be found. I absorb good ideas and try to save them for future use, deconstructed and reformulated and incorporating my idiosyncratic devices and short cuts.

With quilting I am competitive to a fault, which is pretty stupid. I can only do my own work and yet I find myself wishing I could make the work of those fabulous people ( see links) whose work I adore. When you visit their sites you will see what I mean. Only the best are linked here.

Speaking of great work, Quilt Artist Emily Parson has picked up the blogstick and is now posting about her wonderful knitting projects. Her blogsite is What's THAT Gonna Be and is on my link list at the right. The affinity for quilting and knitting is evident again.

I love the knitting blogs and find the humor of Stitchy McYarnpants top notch. Can quilters be humorous too? Let's see...

Note to those of you who have been so kind to comment on previous posts. If you do not leave an email address I cannot respond to you. It's very nice that you have commented, but sometimes I need to answer a question and really don't want to blog it, but instead would like to answer you or thank you personally. That is why (in the sidebar) I have begged you to email me directly if you are asking me something. I would so appreciate it if those in our new Artful Quilters ring would make it easier to connect to them also. Several sites are hosted by unnamed artists and it seems like only a one sided conversation if the other has no name or email connection. Thank you very much.


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