Monday, January 10, 2005

First the Food

Gretl, our hostess and yarn diva, set a lovely table for the Girlfriends as we arrived for

Play with Yarn Day

Guests included Laura, Emily, Linda, Stephanie, Frieda, Gretls' daughter Jessie, Leslie, owner of Wool and Company, and me. Emily's baby Sophie was asleep upstairs while we gabbed and ate the fantastic food.

There were gifts at each place setting and the centerpiece was yarn and knitting needles, artfully arranged. We were so impressed. This is my kind of party!

The Menu

Chinese Chicken Salad, Shrimp Salad Ring, Cheese encrusted with nuts and surrounded by grapes, Salmon Toasts, Roast Filet of Beef on buttered bread rounds, Greek Yoghurt and Homemade Yoghurt with toppings of fruit and, tea and juices. Very Chi Chi!

Followed by Sinfully Wonderful Desserts which seduced even the most ardent dieters among us.

And for the project at hand. Distributing the yarn into bins by color.

A few skeins were already assigned a drawer, but they weren't in it for long if a better location became available, or if more of the specific color beckoned.

We are all leaders of some sort, so there were plenty of orders being shouted, and yet, no one came to blows. Amazing.

Jessie played it safe and unwound false starts, of which we all have many.
The nicest part about the whole experience was hearing Gretl say, O I forgot about that, or Next time you come over, swatch anything you like.


  1. You were all fabulous and helped me do in one day what would have taken me eons to do. I cannot make decisions well, so your help was essential.

    I am never buying any more yarn, ever ever again.


  2. Actually, I felt like Tom Saywer all day. "OH MY, painting this fence is SOOOO much fun. Too bad YOU don't have a fence to paint. You want to try this one? Well, I dunno... "

  3. This sounds like a WONderful day. I'm especially impressed by the yarn/knitting needle centerpiece...not to mention all that food!


  4. Hi, I'd love to see a photo of the bank'o'drawers... just to satisfy that little part of me that loves to see stuff stacked neatly, by colour. LOL Like my linen closet and stash will be, one day

    (Little Fish)

    PS I want to take up knitting now :-)

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