Sunday, January 16, 2005

Downloading at last

Charlotte Ziebarth's quilt (detail)
Just a few minor glitches in getting this story on the blog shouldn't keep you from knowing what neat work was seen at the Form Not Function Show.
First I would like to say, GO SEE THIS SHOW.
There is something for everyone and it is such a nice venue that one wonders why we can't all have such a nice spot for quilt art in our locale. The Carnegie was once a library and was replaced by a much bigger state of the art library a few blocks away and some smart folks decided to give the older building some funds for renovations and now it is home to the art we see here and below, plus classroom space for workshops like the one I just taught.
Now that I am back at home I am able to download a few of the lovely pieces that were given awards as well as a few that were my favorites.

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