Friday, January 14, 2005

Ah, The Glitterati

Well Dear Reader,
I have talked myself to death today in my classroom and then afterward at the
Form Not Function Fiber Art Show reception, starring Arturo Alonzo Sandoval. He is so charming and articulate and was the guest juror for the show. I will have pictures to post of the winners when I get home, because for some unknown reason my laptop will not work with Hello, grrr, and therefore my pictures will not upload on the road. Double Grrr.
Carol Taylor won Best of Show for Sedona, Red Rocks and Blue Skies and was roundly applauded by all.
Many former students and customers attended the gala opening party tonight and recognized me, even if I (Brain Dead) could not remember them. I had to recite my diet for several dozen folks and will remind you Dear Reader that it is already archived here on November 23, 2004, so don't ask.
What I have discovered is that it is either feast or famine conversationwise for me. Either I am totally silent at home or if anyone is within earshot, I find I cannot shut up.
O, so you've noticed...
My yap was practically stuttering, I was so tired, yet I could not prevent myself from commenting on everything.
Egad. I even bore myself.

There was talk of going to a really GOOD restaurant, and I had planned all day to eat lavishly later tonight, but after a few highly caloric nibbles of the reception fingerfood (Sweet Red Pepper Hummus, Artichoke Parmesan-Cream Cheese Bake, Pesto Cream Cheese with Pignolas, Apple Cheddar Nut Roll....ah, some grapes) and apple juice/gingerale punch ( boozeless) I was hopelessly over the allowed intake, and had to ask for a ride home. Here it is all of 6:30 pm and I am a goner.
With all that cheese, I will be drinking a gallon of water to replenish my bloodcells and be up all night in urgent need of a haircut, again. When will I learn to shut my piehole?
So I sit here with two cups of decaffeinated tea, laced with Splenda, wishing I were eating a steak instead of all that cheese, Grommet.

Happy Ending. Arturo bought one of my little quilts. Hurray. Interestingly it was one of my new strip-pieced ( fused of course) pastel pieces. Totally unlike the vast majority of my work. Can this be the encouragement I need to continue making strips? You betcha.

Tomorrow I am going to encourage my students to try their hands at strip fused quilts and then I will have classroom samples to share with my future students when I teach Power Strip Sets later this year. This will be good for me and good for them. I will relish the results. Yum.


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