Friday, December 10, 2004

You know that look...

You know that look, and there's no argument from me...

Yup, it's time for dessert! I have two pints of Godiva ice cream ready. Chocolate Raspberry Trifle and White Chocolate Raspberry. The diet is shot to blazes! Two scoops each and Nirvana is reached.

We left the dishes sitting on the table and made our way upstairs to the fresh sheets and Yo Yo Ma on the bedroom boombox. The time was all of 7:15 and the party was going into high gear. We will now have a pause for intermission. Lights out.

I have no memory of the events that transpired. Champagne will do that to one.

At 12:20 am I awoke with an urgent need for a haircut, mostly on my tongue. I got up and drank a big glass of water to ward off the impending hangover and let out the cats. No point in returning to bed since I would just have to let the meow machines back in shortly, so my mind drifted to thoughts of knitting. Obviously.


On Wednesday I tried on an interesting scarf at the Fine Line Christmas sale. It was shaped like a V and the V part covered the back of my neck in such a nice way, while the scarf ends could be tied or flung about the shoulders, without bunching up around my very short neck. It's not so much that my neck is really short, it's that my face dissolves into it without much of a line of demarcation. This scarf seemed to feel and fit like no other, but I was not about to BUY myself a scarf when I have all the yarn in the WORLD in my stash just waiting to make something like this as soon as I finish my other WIP. Ha!

On Thursday afternoon after I fiinished cleaning the house in prep for our dinner, I decided to run an errand for my brother Cary's girlfriend, Rose. She has a friend in NY who was in need of some interesting knitting books and Rose asked me to shop for her. Delighted! I went over to the yarn shop in Crystal Lake, Sunflower Samplings, after picking up some Christmas CD's at the Algonquin Library, and before rushing off to the Jewel to get some chilled champagne and dessert for our dinner.

The gals at the SS shop have so many scarves on display and surely they must have a pattern for this V shaped scarf that I saw. We discussed it, looked at several books and then decided I could do one of my fave Diamond patches as the neck part, and then pick up stitches on either side and make the scarf. I was delighted, again! Since I was there for a book, I found one I liked and saw in another room, some sale yarn! Woowoo. Half price! Double woowoo. Perhaps there was something Christmasy to be had??

Yes! I found some Uxbridge Tweed by Berrocco. Two in red and two in green, a nice dark green. These would be great for the scarf I have planned and perhaps enough for two, one for a manly man on my list.

I wonder what size needles this yarn uses? The label says 9. I have nines right downstairs here, and the cats are still outside, perhaps I will just do a quick swatch while I wait for the meowing.

It occurs to me that I could try doing a triangle as my swatch, not that diamond patch that I planned to use for the scarf. This would be just to test gauge and to see how these two colors would look as a stripe. I cast on three stitches in the green and attached the red and knit in seed stitch pattern across and back. Nice. Then I used the green again and increased at the beginning and end of that row continuing in pattern and seed st back. Alternating and increasing with each change of color. Hmm. Nice yarn, soft and warm, a mix of wool, acrylic, cotton, poly and nylon, the kitchen sink!

The swatch started to grow and I noticed that the stripe wasn't very obvious due to the seed stitch and the tweediness of the yarn itself. This looked very nice, very subtle and manly. But it would work for me and my red coat too. Luckily I have enough for two scarves. Yes, I think this will be the way I make the V shape.

I let in the cats and out again and in again and I decided to knit just one more row. They were sure to want to go out again anyway.


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