Monday, December 27, 2004

Yarn Sale Frenzy!!

Emily, her sister Allison from Muncie IN and I arrived at 5:35 am at the front of Wool and Company's Fourth Annual "If You Think I'm Counting All This, You Must be Crazy" Sale, ready with lists, if you are Emily. If you are me, a personal pact not to buy anything exotic, since that is all I have in my current stash).
We were 8th, 9th, and 10th, and were allowed to sit in our cars and knit until 6am. We stayed warm with coffee and a running engine. Gals visited between cars and shared coffee and asked for kleenex for enthusiastic noses.
Then someone got out and stood at the door and that impelled us all to jump out and get in line, even though we had our numbers recorded by a volunteer shopper. One can't be too cavalier about one's place in line.

Gretl Kramer says Good Morning

Gretl is one of the store's knitting teachers but this is her first year at the sale, since she is usually visiting family in Oregon. Gretl already owns more yarn than the store has in inventory, but, hey, its a fabulous sale and she can't miss it!

The first twenty or so of us were allowed into the store at 7 ish, and were given a list of things not on sale. Dune, Koigu, Opal, and several things that meant nothing to me. My first stop was the bathroom as I had an urgent need for a haircut. Then I was ready to think 'clearly' and start shopping.

The only non-blurred shot of the shoppers in action.

By 8 am we were realizing the limits of our bank accounts and got in line to pay. Emily had two nice bags, and Gretl had many more... but who's counting?

Three Bags and their spoils

Back at Emily's we were happy and satisfied and had our picture taken by Emily's mom Sandy. And then we unloaded the treasures onto the dining room table. Sigh, it was a great bounty.

Emily's youngest, Sophie, wearing her Christmas stocking cap, smiles a toothless smile for us.

Now I simply must knit a swatch of several new yarns. O boyoboy!


  1. Oh, Mel, I am so glad you have recorded it all for posterity! New yarn just makes you feel so GOOD! We are having Christmas presents and dinner today with Kenny so its a cooking frenzy, then I'm looking forward to sitting down with some nice pink wool and starting sleeve-as-swatch. Happy knitting!

  2. ohmygosh was it fun!

    There was NO WAY to slip the bags into the house unnoticed. But oh well. It was all gifts anyway... right?

    Thanks for the pictures. Now get to work!


  3. This looks like SO much fun...except for the getting up at 5:45 part! Diane

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