Monday, December 13, 2004

Two recent quilt sales

Arc Block 9 and Onions, pictured below, are two of my quilts that sold recently at our annual Christmas sale of the Professional Art Quilt Alliance. Both are small works, which just underscores the fact that fiber art is more likely to sell if it is of a realistic size. We art quilters discussed the size issue at lunch last Wednesday, and admitted that quilts are more likely to win an award if they are huge, and more likely to remain at home, in storage, after they have been exhibited.

A recent bit of good news however is floating around from Emily Parson, who was contacted by a reputable gallery in OH, asking for two of her massive works to be sent on approval to a client in New York. We are holding our breath in anticipation to see if they will sell. Then I guarantee we'll all get our hopes up again and begin planning giganto humungo quilts.

Today I made a 5"x5.5" quilt. Then I had to leave the studio and meet Cary who was delivering my refurbished desktop computer. I now have two computers that are running Windows XP. I am so happy and smug.

Back to knitting.


  1. Wow -- your quilts are absolutely amazing. I love your use of vibrant colour (I'm Canadian, so I have a "U" in colour).

    I noticed a post you wrote on "Ravings from a Danish City at Night", in which you noted that you had lost 65 pounds (WOW! Kudos to you). You noted that you gave up sugar and starch and said you weren't hungry. Would you mind telling me whether you used an Atkins or South Beach type diet? Wasn't it difficult? Did you have cravings, etc. at the beginning? How long did it take to lose the weight, and has it been easy to keep off?

    I have between 30 to 40 pounds to lose, but I'm feeling discouraged before I've even begun. Your success inspired me. Not to mention the quilting. I'd love to see your knitting as well.


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