Friday, December 10, 2004

Our Anniversary Party at Home

Let's get this party started.

Dave pours the bubbly while I make the dinner.
Yes, this is another post about FOOD.
I have a couple of wonderful ribeye steaks marinating and have already baked a pair of sweet potatoes before Dave got home from work. I whipped them up with the leftover whipping cream from Thanksgiving and added a pat of butter and few grinds of sea salt. Simple ORANGE and elegant. The GREEN BEANS were fresh and waiting to be steamed, and finished with sauteed pecans. Even though it's December 9th I am still going to use the gas grill on the deck to cook the steaks. Luckily the rainy week is over.
We each remembered to get cards for the occasion and we opened them with the champagne toast. Dave's was mushy and it brought a tear to my eye. I am such a sitting duck for this kind of sentiment. Then I surprised him with a gift. When Frieda and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving I found (at wonderful dependable TJMAXX) a great sweater from Dale of Norway. I hoped Dave would like it as a Christmas gift, but then if he didn't it would be a shame to keep it and deprive someone else of it as a gift. So I decided to give it to him for our anniversary. He would be totally surprised.
He likes it! Yippee! And it fits him perfectly.
We talk about him wearing it for walks in the the Hollows, a nearby wood where we once got lost in the snow. I swore I would never ever let him take me out for a snow walk again. It took us two hours to find our way back to the car, and of course I was in desperate need of a haircut the whole time! Reminiscing and laughing we ate our delicious dinner.

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