Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Knitting at Panera

Anne Lullie Knits a Scarf

I'm wearing the San Francisco Shirttail sweater knit last year. I simply must get a better picture of this knit, and while I am at it, a better chin.
We met at 8:30 and practiced our Spanish with one of the gals that works at Panera. I was amazed at how fluent Anne is and I tried to keep up but fell back into English several times. We should have a rule to speak only in Spanish when we meet and then perhaps my fluency would improve.
The Panera gal told us how to say knitting in Spanish and I wrote it down, but left the napkin at the restaurant. Darn. How will I ever increase my vocabulary?
This time I found a table near an outlet and was able to plug in my laptop and show lots of my Mexico pictures without running out of battery time. I gave Anne a cd of all the digitals we took in San Miguel and if and when her kids are not using the computer, I am sure she will look at them.
After coffee we rendevou'd ( spelling?) at Michael's to buy some yarn for a special Christmas project... OK, I had no Bulky yarn and that really was the reason. Honestly.


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